Why are you looking at this?
  You either know me, and you’ve come to see,
   or you don’t, and this is just accident.
    In either case, Hello…

    Noise about deep reality.
    …noise, about deep reality..

 I feel as if I’ve spent most
of my life trying really, really hard
  to communicate and connect with people.

It’s only in the past couple of years
  that it has begun to dawn on me that
  I never really understood what it actually was
   that I was wanting to communicate in the first place…

My pictures appear to have taken on
 the responsibility of communicating that revelation.

They are saying very clearly that
 I don’t know how to say
  that I don’t know what to say.

Unfortunately, this seems to make sense to me…
  and, not wishing to exacerbate the problem, I
refer you to the wisdom of others:

“He paints shit then tries to make up the difference with words…” Mandy Jessener    
  “…which are also shit” Steve Jessener
   “Common sense tells us the Earth is flat” Albert Einstein

And you wouldn’t want to argue with that.


When not making pictures
 Paul enjoys badminton, carrying bricks
  and rubbing people up the wrong way.