My pictures are just about EVERYTHING.
They are mechanisms for weighing the world.

Difference, being the ‘failure’ of The Universe to maintain
its essential form, gives us the opportunity to KNOW THINGS.

The subjective nature of knowledge makes it rather
difficult to express, and in this respect, each picture
is really nothing but a documentation of the
  FAILED ATTEMPT to express knowledge…
       the failure to convey information…
            failure to speak ‘Truth’, to communicate…

   My pictures first & foremost come about as a result
of my failure to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Secondly, that
initial energy then begins to permeate through the work,
   driven & fed by the following 3-way-TENSION:
        I want to connect & communicate with people
   .versus. I want to mock & ridicule people
   .versus. I want to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

There’s no reason to feel anxious about this so I don’t, and,
over time, I have come to welcome contradiction,
ambiguity and Failure into my life.
 The universe, seemingly both evolving and disintegrating simultaneously
casts pictures into the mind that have no bearing.
   This separation, sometimes of course to the point of perceived absolute polarization, is simply the method by which it
experiences and observes itself.

And so, as paintings of (and of) the universe, my pictures are
on every level, very, very simple:

It’s true that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but each time you do it,
there’s only one skin, only one cat.

I like to make pictures that only I like.  Set up
impossible demands that cannot be resolved then
   watch them teeter on the brink of
meaninglessness, sadness, failure.
 I can’t express enough the ARTIFICIALITY of my work.
  Each painted picture is a binding, a restraint,
a net within which an attempt is made to manifest
these 2 things: the distilled elements of my own personal subjective understanding of the world, AND
absolutely nothing at all.

If a slight fruity undertow is sometimes
apparent in the work then good luck to ya!
Yes! They are SexFlags.
To the more genteel amongst you, LoveFlags.

Here is of course the Default Setting:
Without LOVE All This Is Nothing.